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Some time after this

"...Dealer's a bust," came the call, and John found himself with a handful more chips. He'd chosen a random Black Jack table, changed his cash and began to play. He was having a hard time losing that hundred bucks. Oh well, it wasn't his fault the cards were being dealt in his favour. He flashed a grin at the other two players at the table, an elder gentleman that looked like your stereotypical Texan - John had managed to supress a grin and a quiet laugh when he had first seen the man - and a woman who looked to be in her late thirties and dressed to impress. Just who she was trying to impress, however, John didn't know.

"Well done, flyboy" the woman offered, with a tiny grin of her own. John shrugged lightly and returned his attention to the table. The fact that she had pegged him as a pilot only unnerved him a bit. The fact that the dealer had gone with it just annoyed him.

John tossed his wager into the pot, and the others followed suit. The Texan upped the ante. I came here to blow some cash, not make it... John thought, before he called. The woman tossed her chips in and the dealer slid them their cards.

"Three for Tex," the dealer said, as he placed the cards. "Eight for the flyboy, a jack for the lady and a ten to the dealer."

John mentally crossed his fingers for a strong second card. As much as he was here to lose, he couldn't help his natural competativeness. It was something that reminded him of all those chess games with Rodney. God, he missed Atlantis.

"Four for Tex, nine for the flyboy and a ten for the lady," the dealer intoned, drawing his last card face down. He fixed his attention on Tex, who didn't hesitate to ask for another card. "Seven for Tex, fourteen on the table."

Tex glanced at John and grinned. "Defiinitely a crap-shoot, eh?" he asked, a twing of irony colouring his words. He looked up at the dealer. "Hit me."

"Queen. Tex is a bust."

"No kidding," John replied sympathetically, giving Tex a wry smile.

The dealer turned to John, next. "Seventeen on deck for the flyboy."

Seventeen. Do I play by the dealer's rules and stay, or take a chance? Oh, to hell with it... "Hit me," John replied, ignoring the looks from all present.

"A Lady for the flyboy. A bust with twenty-seven."

Speaking of ladies, "I'm going to split," she said, separating the jack and the ten. "Hit me."

"Seven on the jack, and three on the ten."

"Double down on the thirteen." She tapped the card.

"Six, for nineteen."

"I'll stand."

The dealer nodded and flipped his card.

"Eight for the dealer; the lady wins with nineteen."

John picked up his remaining chips and bowed out. "You win some, you lose some, eh?" he offered, sliding off the chair. He returned Tex's tip of the hat with a casual nod, and offered a guarded smile for the lady, who regarded him carefully.

"Take care of yourself, Flyboy," she said softly over her shoulder.

John glanced over at her as she turned to look at him. He answered her wink with a tight smile and headed off to blow the rest of his chips on a random slot machine.

To Be Continued....

a/n: I don't pretend to know the finer points of this game, so forgive me for any mistakes. For a reference, I used this site, and actually dealt out a hand with a deck of cards so I didn't have to make it up.

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