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The buzzing of his radio broke through the fog of sleep, and he instinctively gave Inara a gentle squeeze as he buried his head in her shoulder, trying to drown out the sound. He wasn't supposed to be given a wake-up call until about 11am, and seeing as how he was on Atlantis, there was no way this could be McKay, and therefore meant that Weir had something urgent she needed him for.

That, or else she just wanted to screw with him, but that was unlikely. ...Right?

Making sure that Inara wasn't disturbed by any of this, he reached behind him to grope for his headset. He clicked it on and offered a very sleepy sounding "Sheppard".

"I'm sorry, John. I know I promised you your next mission wouldn't be until this afternoon, but we have an urgent request that supercedes your standing orders and all missions."

"I'll be right there, Sheppard out."


He knew that this was his life, that even when the Powers That Be gave him a reprieve something could always come along and snatch it away. He should be used to this now. He hoped it wouldn't piss off Inara, but he suspected that she would understand. He carefully extracated himself from her embrace and quickly washed and dressed. He made a quick stop to the mess hall for something to eat followed by a detour to the botany epartment, where a very charming Katie Brown helped him pick a lovely bloom that they could part with.

He paused back in his room, grabbed the notepad and pen siting on his desk and scribbled a note, leaving it and the flower on the pillow next to her.


I'm sorry, but something urgent has come up. Hopefully it's nothing and I'll be back to see you off, but if not, I hope you can forgive me for leaving without waking you.

I love you,

P.S. Make sure you remind Elizabeth to give you that IDC before you leave. I don't want to have to come home to find you sitting in the brig again ;)

With a kiss to her temple and a last, longing look at the sleeping Companion, he slipped out and headed down to the control room.


"If we make a stand here, we can take 'em!" Ronon yelled as they ran through the forest, dodging fire.

Sheppard fired off a quick round or two in the general direction of their attackers before replying, "Negative! We don't how many we're up against!" Another flurry of fire erupted from his P-90 and he added, "Rodney, dial the damned Gate. Don't wait for us!"

In the distance he could hear the 'Gate engaging and he turned to make a run for it. He saw Teyla, McKay and then Ronon disappear, and then he was falling onto his back hard and the smirking face of Kolya hovered above him.

"It's good to see you again, Colonel."

He tried to put as much contempt into the word as possible as he replied, "Kolya."


He hoped like hell that Elizabeth had seen Inara off. Her not being around for this was the only thing that gave him the strength to defy his captors. That and the fact that he had been trained for this sort of thing.

When the guards pulled the gag from his mouth, he took the opportunity to yell, " On my command authority, whatever he asks, don't do it, even ..." but then the gag was replaced. Dammit.

He tuned out the conversation, and managed to not even react when they brought the Wraith in. He knew what was coming, and he braced himself for it, even though he knew no amount of bracing could possibly prepare a person for what was to come next.

As the Wraith's hand landed on his chest, he forced himself not to cry out, forced himself not to think of anything except Inara and the hours they had spent together...


He never thought he'd be making nice with a Wraith. Not since the Michael fiasco. But then again, he knew Mike could be a pretty nice guy when he wanted to, so he decided to go out on a limb and trust this one. He shouldn't have been surprised when the bastard turned on him and drained him almost completely of his life. But he was. Ah well, live and learn, John. Live and learn.

And speaking of learning, he blinked up at the Wraith unbelievingly as the Marines crashed into the clearing. Sheppard leapt to his feet and called them down. Whatever the hell had happened, this Wraith had just given him his life back.

Huh. No amout of therapy in the world was going to help him through this one...


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