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Title: Proposition+Espousal
Fandom: SGA
Characters/Pairings: Sheppard/Teyla
Word Count: 4,320
Rating: PG-13 (one itty bitty swear word)
Summary: With the return of the Athosians comes a deeper grief for one of Sheppard's team, and after lots (and lots!) of reflection, he decides to do something about it.
Author's Notes: Jag wrote me a John-proposes-to-Inara fic and demanded I do the same. Or Teyla. She said it could be Teyla. Bastard Lt.-Colonel got me out of bed early in the morning just to write down one damned line (THE line), and then 3 hours later we had the fic to go with it. I've also been randomly making up Athosian courtship rites as a matter of course for Sheppard and Inara (don't ask) so it's only fitting that I attempt to make up Oh-so not canon, and if any of my speculation ends up being even remotely close I will be....something. Speechless, maybe. You never know with this show. Or with Athosians. Or with Sheppard, for that matter.

Written to cross off #21 of our Big Damn SGA List.

Warning: Spoilers for SGA 04x04 (Doppelganger) through SGA 04x07 (Missing), SGA 04x10 and 04x11 (This Mortal Coil and BAMSR), along with the assumption of when and how the particular story-arc that began in "Missing" actually ends. Because I can. And I did. :p

Takes place sometime after 04x11 (Be All My Sins Remember'd)


There were very few things in life that could erase jealousy. Time was the main one... )


It had started off as a recon mission, Read more... )

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He had spent the day shopping for the souvenirs on Inara's list. He didn't do too badly, if he said so himself. With the day's mission a success he decided to head back to the Bellagio.

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Sep. 6th, 2008 03:08 pm
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Please find enclosed my reports for the next transmission to Pegasus.

John Sheppard, Lt.-Colonel.


Dr. Elizabeth Weir )

Miss Inara Serra )


Sep. 6th, 2008 02:54 pm
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Shortly after this.

Alcomohol... )

To Be Continued...

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Some time after this

Dealer's a bust... )

To Be Continued....

a/n: I don't pretend to know the finer points of this game, so forgive me for any mistakes. For a reference, I used this site, and actually dealt out a hand with a deck of cards so I didn't have to make it up.

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The bright lights of the Vegas strip and all the noises that went with it washed over him in a way that he was sure he was immune to. The lack of response inside to the beauty of many of the sights told him just how disconnected to this world he had become in the last 2 and a half years. He supposed that was why he chose Earth as his destination for this retreat vacation; deep down he had always known what Elizabeth had finally figured out in the last few days: John Sheppard's world has narrowed to Atlantis and the Pegasus galaxy, and the major reason he was there in the first place had been lost somewhere along the way. They had a term for it in the military. Target Fixation.

Target Fixation. The last time he had realized he was suffering from the affliction was shortly after Teyla and Ronon had gone missing and were presumed dead. He had nearly gotten half his team killed because of it then, and now he had put the entirity of Atlantis at risk because he was curious about these new people they had found. What he couldn't tell, was if his fixation was on Inara, or on trying to so desperately to make a permanent home for once in his life. Hell, he couldn't even figure out if it was merely the fact that the Milky Way had been shunted to the back burner for most of the Expedition, only though of when something directly threatened Earth or mankind.

What he did know, was that he needed a reality check, and fast. He really didn't want to have to relive handing in his resignation, or worse, be fired from the one assignment he actually wanted. Maybe his He wasn't going to go down that road. Those bridges had burned a long time ago, and he would not go slinking back to his brother on the heels of whatever military discharge followed whatever his last fatal command decision would be. With a sigh, he shoved his hands deeper into his pockets and gazed at his surroudings, seeing everything and nothing all at once.

He had opted not to check out a firearm from the SGC, figuring that it would be hard to take a break from the whole military thing with a gun strapped to his hip. But he couldn't shut off the tactical part of his mind, and so, he was aware of the mugger over there waiting for a mark more distracted than him, he was aware of the undercover cop across the street trying to catch someone in the act of being naughty; he saw the bulge of a weapon under that pimp's jacket, and he heard the threatening growl of a pusher trying to intimidate his buyer down a random alley.

He was trying to pick a place to drop that promised hundred bucks, and found himself drawn to the sound of water cascading into a pool; it was an odd sound to pick out of the noise and bustle of commerce and tourism, but it just emphasized John's state of mind and how much he missed the sound of the ocean at night. He stopped in front of the Bellagio lake, taking in the fountains and the building that rose behind them. He was struck by a sudden longing to return to the SGC and demand that his vacation request be rescinded so he could go home.

To Atlantis.

...The Bellagio.

Close enough... be continued...


Aug. 16th, 2008 02:00 pm
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Jumper One floated down into the Control Room and pivoted to line up with the Gate. The shimmering irridescence of the open wormhole greeted John's eyes, as he keyed the comm and said his final "see you soon"s. And then he settled in for the trip to Midway, as Jumper One breached the event horizon and propelled the Colonel half-way across the universe. Both legs of the trip were uneventful, and soon, the Embarkation Room at the SGC loomed in his viewport, the smiling faces of Walter and the other techs affirming a successful arrival.

He parked the Jumper and gathered his duffle, meeting General Landry at the base of the Jumper's ramp.

"Colonel, welcome back to Earth," the General said with a smile. "Didn't think I'd ever see you back on leave."

John smiled wryly. "Yes, Sir. I figured it was time to let myself take a breather from all the crazy." Elizabeth had sent in the official request for John's leave of absence, stating personal reasons as the grounds for the application. John appriciated the vote of confidence in that, knowing that Elizabeth knew that an LOA requisitioned due to lack of sound judgement on several command decisions would not endear the Colonel to anyone, from Landry right on up to the IOA.

Landry nodded knowingly. "Wish I could do that m'self. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a place far enough away to ensure success in that regard."

John chuckled. "I know how you feel, Sir. Please don't be offended if I turn my cell phone off, or ignore your phone calls."

"Why would I be offended, Colonel? I can just have whatever ship we have in orbit beam you into my office." Landry smiled in that lightly sardonic, I-am-all-powerful way of his and dismissed John, wishing him a happy vacation.

Several hours later saw John checking into a hotel in Vegas. He figured it'd be fun to lose a hundred bucks gambling, and then just chill and enjoy the night life for the next two weeks. He didn't bother unpacking his duffle just yet, deciding instead, to fall onto the bed and try and sleep off the Galaxy-lag.

He only hoped he'd be able to find sleep without the gentle sounds from Lantea's ocean and the subtle sway of the city - no matter how imagined - as it floated, rocking him into the blissful sensation of belonging he had found so far away from the planet he should be calling home, but couldn't.

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After his conversation with Elizabeth, John headed back to his office and put things in order there. He left detailed notes on everything, so Lorne - whom he assumed would be in charge while John was away - could find his way around. Once all his work responsibilities were taken care of, he headed to his quarters to pack.

"Hey, whatcha doing?" McKay asked, as he sauntered into the room several minutes later. The scientist eyed Sheppard the way one would eye a feral beast ready to strike.

"Going on vacation," John replied, matter-of-factly.

"Ah...wait, hold it," McKay began, pausing in his retreat. "Since when do you go on vacation?"

"Since Elizabeth made me." John's tone brooked no argument.

"Right," McKay said with a nod, apparently understanding that John didn't want to talk about it just yet. "Well, I suppose asking if you wanted to grab some lunch is out of the question, then?"

"Yeah, pretty much," John replied. He gave McKay a weary look. "I'm sorry, Rodney, it's just." He sighed. "Look, I'll take a raincheck, okay? You'll be the first person I have lunch with when I get back, deal?"

McKay thought about it for a moment. "Deal. I'm gonna hold you to that, you know," he promised, heading out the door to find someone else to nosh with.

John watched as the door closed behind his friend. "Yeah, I'm sure you will," he said to the empty room, with a wry grin.

He turned his attention back to packing, pondering where he might go for two weeks...

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(ooc: For the curious.)

(From here.)

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This is in no way, shape or form connected with our Speciall Hell 'Verse. This is just Nic and Kat being insane girls who like to break each other's brain every once in a while. That is all.

He's sitting alone, reading a comic book.

For once, it's his day off, and he has no fears of being interrupted during his down-time. Every now and then, he'll scope out the people milling around the cafe, eyeing the pretty girls and giving them the once-over. He gets plenty in return, although none seem to want to do more than flirt from afar.

Ah well, you win some you lose some.

Comic books it'll have to be...

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[ooc: this takes place shortly after "Sunday". For our purposes the role of Doctor Jennifer Keller will be played by Jessica Alba, and not Jewel Staite, because frankly, it's less head-hurty that way.]

John trudged down the hallways, trying to scrub the images burned into his visit to the infirmary just now. Carson was in somewhat stable condition and Teyla was sleeping peacefully. The new doctor, Jennifer Keller, was monitoring both of them, as well as taking care of the rest of the aftermath of recent events. While John was thankful that Carson managed to clear much of the blast, the poor Marine on the bomb-squad wasn't so lucky. The Colonel had yet another letter to write to another family, explaining without somehow managing to breach security clearance that their father-brother-husband-son had been killed in the line of duty.

He hated this part of his job and wished like hell that Elizabeth would do it. She had, during that first year, but only because he was too busy scouting out Alpha Sites and doing Recon missions to prep for the arrival of the Wraith. Since then, it had fallen to him, another pile of paperwork to go with all the beauracratic red-tape dodging that came with the job. Hence, the trudging, and the semi-shuffling of his feet as he made his way back to his room, hand trailing absently along a wall here or there, eyes unseeing as he passed friends and collegues. Everyone had been through the same torment and trauma as he had, and it showed. Repair teams were busy fixing both hallways, the Science Department was down closing off the room with the tumour-making machine so no one else would make the mistake of going in there and messing with things. Rodney said that the schematics were in the database, so they'd study the thing inside and out and find a way to dismantle it.

And outside of all that, life went on within the city. John had a feeling that Doctor Heightmeyer would be incredibly busy in the coming weeks, as folks began to deal with the on-set of post-traumatic stress. He knew it was only a matter of time before Elizabeth ordered him to do the same, so he had booked an appontment for early next week. No harm in being pro-active, after all. And it may just put him in Elizabeth's good graces for a while to come.

He stepped into his room and fell backwards onto his bed, not even bothering to change out of his uniform. Everything was still set up as he and Ronon had left it, and gosh that had seemed like years ago...


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[ooc: this references this.]

One could almost call it coincidence, how the very diplomatic function they were supposed to attend just happened to be the same one that she was attending. With a client, no less. John had seen her across the room, her mask firmly in place. He could tell that she was play-acting, the smile spread across her lips not quite reching her eyes the way it did when she was with him; the rigid posture that reminded him more of a green military recruit in the constant presence of a Three-Star General than a loving, adoring woman who was absolutely delighted to be there with her companion. She hid it well, he had to admit, and if the gentleman was aware of her falsity he did a good job of concealing it.

Teyla had given him a concerned look, as had Ronon and - surprisingly - McKay, but he smiled and reassured them that all was well. They would simply keep to the side of the room farthest from Inara and her client, to lessen the chance that she break character and to make sure that both her night and theirs would remain smooth. He just wouldn't think about it when they finally left, to presumably get down to business, as it were. John knew that his team, as well as much of the rest of Atlantis, had only the vaguest notion of what it was Inara actually did for a living, and he did nothing to correct the rumours that flew about, because none of them were as questionable and possibly scandalizing as the truth. And now, he still had no desire to enlighten them further, allowing them to believe what they would. If they thought that it was merely jealousy for being someone else's date, then so be it. Besides, them knowing would make it worse, since he refused to have the how-could-you-stand-it conversation that he would be required to endure in triplicate immediately after the word got out, and then once every time someone else found out. Nope. Better to pretend that what was going to happen wasn't. It was the only way he could sleep at night.

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[continued from here]

He had just finished telling Sharra about the Ancients, and how incongruous it was for the images on the walls to look like them. As far as they knew, the Ancients were only Pegasus-Milky Way denizens, but he had to admit that the presence of a 'Gate on Haven did speak to the fact that the Ancients had to have been around, even for a little while.

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(to be continued)

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[a/n: this is merely a piece of fic and not intended as an RP thread. Comments and suggestions on changes welcomed, specially in the areas of characters I may have needed to pilfer for my purposes.]

After the novelty of his presence wore off some - and judging by the effect he caused on the settlement, the novelty of his presence wouldn't abate entirely for quite a while, really - John was finally able to lend a hand with some of the more labour-intensive tasks. He worked along-side the men and woman of Haven, helping to erect buldings, dig wells and other tasks necessary to the forging of a community. Each night, he joined everyone for dinner and the communal time around the campfire, the way the original settlers had done prior to the attack on the planet.

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[We uh...we kinda broke the customized comment pages comment buffer. And I like having the custom comment pages because they look better. So, um, yes. Continued from here.]

He's beaming at her until she catches the slight slip of the tongue and the smile turns into an 'aw shucks/so busted look'.


He can't lie to her now. It was easy to pretend when she had first arrived, since she had no reason to believe otherwise, and he was nervous enough that his body language masked the lie.

But now..."You, uh. You weren't supposed to find out until I took you back there. To check on the status of the paint drying."

She may or may not be suppressing a giggle; since she does it successfully it's hard to tell. But she is grinning. "Well, since you've managed to keep me out of your room, the surprise is still intact, even if the knowledge that there is a surprise isn't."

And he's being adorable again. Although, really, he's almost always adorable now, so it sort of goes without saying. So she smiles softly, brilliantly.

"Well, I hope it doesn't lose too much of its impact, now that you know there's another surprise," he says, grinning sheepishly.

And that's about the time when the music being played turns into a fair rendition of the song they first danced to. It's also when he stands and moves to her side of the table.

"May I have this dance?" he asks, holding a hand out to her.

"I can't imagine it..." Oh. Oh. "... would."


So she stands and takes his hand, because the answer is "Of course." but it comes out in barely a whisper between smiles and shy blushing. She was way more poised when they first danced.

And then again, when they first danced, she had no idea with whom she was dancing, or what it would turn into. Knowing, now, she wonders what it will turn into this time. If she could possibly love him any more than she does at this moment, as she keeps her eyes on his and she smiles, blissfully happy.

He returns the smile as his fingers close round hers, and he tugs her away from the table. She may or may not notice Lorne call someone over so they can remove the chairs, along with the table and its contents so the couple can have the entire balcony to move around. And that marks the end of Lorne's part in tonight's festivities.

John's eyes never leave Inara's as he pulls her into the opening steps of the dance, holding her slightly closer than he had the first time.

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This was it, he decided. They'd been together long enough for him to be certain of a few things, and, also? It just felt right.

He had nothing planned save for the where, and the presentation of the where. He decided that several candles on the dresser - the surface of which had been cleared of just about everything - would suffice for lighting. Not too many, because that was over-kill, and besides, he had no idea how candles played a role in those rituals she mentioned and the last thing he wanted was for her to be reminded of that. Somehow, he didn't think it would matter, but still. The thought was there. And he banished it.

The awkward part came when Teyla discovered him smuggling the candles to his room. She raised a brow and he stammered something incoherent and fled for the sanctuary of his room. He had gone for lunch with McKay, and when he had returned, his modest supply of candles had been augmented to provide an artful, yet sensual display, and a bowl sat in the middle of a semi-circle of candles of various sizes on the dresser, with a bottle of scented rose-water and a strange flower that reminded him of a lily on a lilypad. Peeking out from under the bowl was a folded piece of paper, which he snatched up and read eagerly.

The proper Athosian custom for this particular event of courtship requires candles placed in a specific array around the room. The centerpiece of a floating flower is to represent the eternalness of your union, as the flames represent the strength of your passion.

I will be by to light the candles and set the flower when the time comes.

I wish you both the best.


He smiled and pocketed the note. He looked around his room and figured that, incongruous as the candles would be with the rest of the decor, it was somehow fitting. Thanks, Teyla. I owe you one.

Now, all he had to do was wait for Inara to arrive for her visit and reherse the excuse he had to force her to use the guest chambers to freshen up.

...He just wished he wasn't so damned nervous.

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The buzzing of his radio broke through the fog of sleep, and he instinctively gave Inara a gentle squeeze as he buried his head in her shoulder, trying to drown out the sound. He wasn't supposed to be given a wake-up call until about 11am, and seeing as how he was on Atlantis, there was no way this could be McKay, and therefore meant that Weir had something urgent she needed him for.

That, or else she just wanted to screw with him, but that was unlikely. ...Right?

Making sure that Inara wasn't disturbed by any of this, he reached behind him to grope for his headset. He clicked it on and offered a very sleepy sounding "Sheppard".

"I'm sorry, John. I know I promised you your next mission wouldn't be until this afternoon, but we have an urgent request that supercedes your standing orders and all missions."

"I'll be right there, Sheppard out."


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[this takes place some time during Inara's visit, but before this thread. And Management would like to note that this is so not what we were expecting to happen.]

Funnily enough, it was he that sought out her. One would expect it to be the other way around, given his penchant for not being able to express feelings and avoiding them all together. And he certainly was never one to explain himself, insofar as descisions made based on personal feelings and not gut-feeling or his incredible sense of duty and loyalty went.

However it had been gnawing at him since he first saw her with him...hell, even the fact that he was a lot more squishy than his kind ever had a right to be...well, it took a lot to squick John Sheppard, and a docile and tamed Michael seemed to encompasse the term a lot very well. But when he heard from Ronon what had occured after the Satedan had left his CO to his inner musings outside the Cafe, he was blanketed with...with something. He couldn't tell what it was, his blindness to just about everything that stemmed from the proverbial rose-coloured glasses he now wore thanks to Inara, having clouded things he had never really admitted to in the first place.

And because he was the one who had pulled such an extreme one-eighty in the feelings department (heaven knew if she had ever returned his feelings, or knew how he had felt about her, in the first place) he figured it was his duty to be the one to initiate the conversation. Because she had to know. And he needed to say it, just to make sure that his current feelings on everything else weren't just a means of striking back at her for not choosing him.

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[After this, but before this...]

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After leaving the gorup and grabbing his share of the gear, John's by the DHD sorting through the packs and making sure he's got everything. He's distracted by random thoughts and trying to not think about things by going through the packs yet again.

Ronon's already come and gone, presumably headed back into the cafe to help out McKay.

He's here for someone to find him, if they so chose...

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