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[continued from here]

He had just finished telling Sharra about the Ancients, and how incongruous it was for the images on the walls to look like them. As far as they knew, the Ancients were only Pegasus-Milky Way denizens, but he had to admit that the presence of a 'Gate on Haven did speak to the fact that the Ancients had to have been around, even for a little while.

The conversation and speculation came to an end when they heard the 'Gate dialing. It was John's automatic reaction to shuffle Sharra into a hiding spot as he pulled his gun from his pack, crouching low behind cover. As the wormhole engaged, he held the firearm ready.

"Colonel Sheppard, this is Atlantis," came the familiar tones of Elizabeth's voice. John relaxed and put away the gun, calling Sharra back out.

"Sheppard here. That was a little longer than ten minutes," he replied.

"Well, you know us," Elizabeth said, and John could her the smile in her voice. "MacKenzie decided that your usual combat gear might not be enough, so he and Cadmen loaded a Jumper and are coming through to assist with bolstering defenses."

"Well, isn't that nice. Tell them that they have a tight fit over here, but they can make it through with a light and steady hand on the controls."

"Understood. They're heading through now. Good luck John."

"You too." He turned back to Sharra. "C'mon, let's get clear so they don't run us over."

"Why?" She asked. "What's a Jumper."

"You'll see."

Several moments later, Jumper Three emerged and the event horizon disappeared. Sharra's eyes went wide. "It's a ship," she said. "None as I've ever seen before, mind, but..."

"Cool, huh? Inara loves them as much as I do. Let's get on baord and get back to Haven."

"John? I take it this is s'posed to be a secret, too?"

"Not all of it. The only secret is where it came from. We'll just say I send a distress beacon and they've come to lend a hand in getting me unstuck."

Sharra nodded and they followed the Jumper out of the Temple, where it landed and the hatch opened. The pair squeezed through the gear, John making quick introductions as he took the controls. They set down just outside of the settlement's outskirts a few moments later, Sharra running back to the house to make sure everyone was keeping to schedules as John, MacKenzie and Cadmen began unloading. They had help not too long after, as word of John's friends quickly spread. The menfolk that had experience in such things as military were keen on lending a hand, and John welcomed their insights into the Reavers as well as key locations around the town.

Together, the three Lanteans and the citizens of Haven used the supplies to build up the perimeter defenses. John was happy to note that the good folks had safe places for the non-combatants to hide safely in the event of an attack, and they made sure those were well fortified, too. The final box of supplies in the Jumper turned out to be non-military related. Enough food rrations for several solid meals for everyone in town, as well as a boost of medical supplies was unpacked and handed out. The medical things were stored in the tiny building that served as an infirmary, and the food was divided amongst everyone equally.

By the time it was all done, night had fallen and MacKenzie and Cadmen joined everyone for the evening meal before finally taking their leave. They couldn't stay and risk their presence in this new galaxy being detected and spread, which would surely happen if they stayed and the Reavers attacked. John stood and watched until the Jumper was out of sight, P-90 slung over one shoulder, tac-vest in one hand and stuffed gear bag in the other. He would have stood there all night if the girls that had adopted him from the local whorehouse hadn't come to shoo him inside, each fussing over him and his gear until both Lt.-Colonel and his things were tucked away in a room for the night.

(to be continued)

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