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Name:Team Sheppard
Birthdate:Feb 27
[ John Sheppard | Rodney McKay | Teyla Emmagan | Ronon Dex ]

John Sheppard
Lieutenant Colonel

John Sheppard is an experienced pilot and second-generation military man, though his reputation was somewhat tarnished when he disobeyed a direct order in Afghanistan in an unsuccessful attempt to save the lives of several servicemen. He has experience flying AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache, OH-58 Kiowa, UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters and CV-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft. He requested a remote post at McMurdo Station. When called upon to transport General Jack O'Neill to the research base that had been established at the nearby Ancient defense facility, he inadvertently discovered that he not only had the ATA gene (the genetic factor necessary to activate Ancient technology), but that he was naturally proficient at using it. After some doubts, he finally joined the expedition to Atlantis, although Col. Marshall Sumner made it clear he was not pleased about Sheppard's involvement in the mission.

After infiltrating a Wraith hive ship, Sheppard found Colonel Sumner near death at the hands of the Wraith Keeper, and decided to kill his superior officer to spare him from more suffering, and the end the security threat posed by the Colonel's now vulnerable mind. Upon his return to Atlantis, Sheppard discovered that he was now the highest ranking military officer of the Expedition, and summarily took over as Dr. Elizabeth Weir's head of military and security for Atlantis base. After a year of service in the Pegusus galaxy, Sheppard was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the insistence of Dr. Weir, as the leader of the Expedition wanted no one else as her military commander.

In addition to his role as Atlantis Military Commander, Sheppard leads the primary 'Gate Team of Atlantis Base, which consists of members Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan and, most recently, Ronon Dex.

Rodney McKay
Chief Scientific Advisor

Though he comes across as pompous and rude at times, Rodney McKay has proven himself to be courageous in the face of danger and a dedicated member of the expedition. He has also shown that he has a capacity for change, having evolved considerably throughout his time spent on Atlantis. A particular characteristic that others have noticed is his propensity to come up with his most brilliant ideas while under threat of death and/or impending doom. One of the original members of the Atlantis Expedition, McKay is no stranger to the United States Air Force, having worked for a spell at Area 51, along with a few brief stints at Stargate Command. He is the group's expert on the Ancients as well as the Chief Scientific Advisor, making him an invaluable member of the team.

Unlike Sheppard, McKay is not a natural carrier of the ATA gene. Instead, he has gained the gene from a retro-virus created by Carson Beckett and was the first human to test the serum. With the gene only taking to 48% of all who are inocculated, McKay - much to chagrin of others, we're sure - can now count himself as part of the "elite" group of humans on the Expedition with the ability to activate and use the Ancient tech that they discover during their explorations.

Teyla Emmagan
Athosian Leader

Emmagan, daughter of Tagan, was a leader of a village on the planet Athos. She had seen much of her family culled by the Wraith, although she (and some of her fellow Athosians) possessed the ability to "sense" the Wraith by means initially unknown. In addition, she is skilled in military strategy, martial arts, and Pegasus-galaxy diplomacy; she practices a form of stick-fighting (based on Eskrima) with John Sheppard and has taken up use of Earth weapons (such as a P-90) with great facility. She is in incredible physical shape and frequently practices martial arts against two or three opponents at once, easily beating them all.

Ronon Dex

Woo, icon! *cough*

A former member of the Satedan military, Ronon was captured alive during the Wraith attack on his planet and turned into a Runner. For seven long years he evaded re-capture by the Wraith, the task made difficult by the tracking device implanted by his captors. He came across Sheppard and Teyla while the two were searching for their missing teammate, Lt. Aiden Ford. Making a deal with the Atlantis Expedition, Doctor Beckett removed the tracking device in exchange for Ronon's help in finding the AWOL Lieutenant.

When Ford leapt into a Wraith culling beam, Ronon went back to Atlantis with the others and his skills were noticed by a very impressed Sheppard, who insisted the Runner be put on the flagship 'Gate Team under Sheppard's command. Dr. Weir agreed, and Ronon has since proved to be just as invaluable - though a bit quick on the over-reacting when his temmates are threatened - as Teyla has become.

He's utterly loyal to Sheppard and, by proxy, the rest of the team. It is not uncommon for the two to engage in the subtleties of Alpha-Male challenges, though in many cases Ronon defers to Sheppard due to the man's rank and position in the hierarchy of command.

[Disclaimer: I am not Sheppard, Ronon, McKay or Teyla, nor do they belong to me. They are fictional characters from the television show Stargate: Atlantis and belong to MGM. Joe, Rachel, Jason and David belong to themselves. I'm just borrowing their likenesses and characters for RP and fandom writing purposes. MGM can have my books and DVDs back if they don't like it. If you are looking for these people, look somewhere else.]

[The above bios were partially pilfered from their respective Wiki-pages, with some editing and re-writes by myself. Yes, I'm lazy, and no I don't care.]

[Warning: This journal may contain material not suitable for minors and may carry the evil rating of NC-17. Entries that fall under this category will be clearly labeled. Parents, it's YOUR job to monitor what your kids view online, NOT MINE.]

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