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He had just finished telling Sharra about the Ancients, and how incongruous it was for the images on the walls to look like them. As far as they knew, the Ancients were only Pegasus-Milky Way denizens, but he had to admit that the presence of a 'Gate on Haven did speak to the fact that the Ancients had to have been around, even for a little while.

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(to be continued)

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[a/n: this is merely a piece of fic and not intended as an RP thread. Comments and suggestions on changes welcomed, specially in the areas of characters I may have needed to pilfer for my purposes.]

After the novelty of his presence wore off some - and judging by the effect he caused on the settlement, the novelty of his presence wouldn't abate entirely for quite a while, really - John was finally able to lend a hand with some of the more labour-intensive tasks. He worked along-side the men and woman of Haven, helping to erect buldings, dig wells and other tasks necessary to the forging of a community. Each night, he joined everyone for dinner and the communal time around the campfire, the way the original settlers had done prior to the attack on the planet.

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