Aug. 16th, 2008


Aug. 16th, 2008 02:00 pm
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Jumper One floated down into the Control Room and pivoted to line up with the Gate. The shimmering irridescence of the open wormhole greeted John's eyes, as he keyed the comm and said his final "see you soon"s. And then he settled in for the trip to Midway, as Jumper One breached the event horizon and propelled the Colonel half-way across the universe. Both legs of the trip were uneventful, and soon, the Embarkation Room at the SGC loomed in his viewport, the smiling faces of Walter and the other techs affirming a successful arrival.

He parked the Jumper and gathered his duffle, meeting General Landry at the base of the Jumper's ramp.

"Colonel, welcome back to Earth," the General said with a smile. "Didn't think I'd ever see you back on leave."

John smiled wryly. "Yes, Sir. I figured it was time to let myself take a breather from all the crazy." Elizabeth had sent in the official request for John's leave of absence, stating personal reasons as the grounds for the application. John appriciated the vote of confidence in that, knowing that Elizabeth knew that an LOA requisitioned due to lack of sound judgement on several command decisions would not endear the Colonel to anyone, from Landry right on up to the IOA.

Landry nodded knowingly. "Wish I could do that m'self. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a place far enough away to ensure success in that regard."

John chuckled. "I know how you feel, Sir. Please don't be offended if I turn my cell phone off, or ignore your phone calls."

"Why would I be offended, Colonel? I can just have whatever ship we have in orbit beam you into my office." Landry smiled in that lightly sardonic, I-am-all-powerful way of his and dismissed John, wishing him a happy vacation.

Several hours later saw John checking into a hotel in Vegas. He figured it'd be fun to lose a hundred bucks gambling, and then just chill and enjoy the night life for the next two weeks. He didn't bother unpacking his duffle just yet, deciding instead, to fall onto the bed and try and sleep off the Galaxy-lag.

He only hoped he'd be able to find sleep without the gentle sounds from Lantea's ocean and the subtle sway of the city - no matter how imagined - as it floated, rocking him into the blissful sensation of belonging he had found so far away from the planet he should be calling home, but couldn't.


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